Our Story

Loveclay's Pink Australian Clay Facial Bars were born in 2015. The formula is a family recipe created by Donna Wedemeyer, an esthetician of 20+ years. Donna makes and sells the Pink Facial Bars in her hometown of Bundaberg, Queensland. Donna's passion for this product in particular became contagious, and now three family members make and sell them in their respective cities. 

The detoxifying, tightening and brightening properties of the Pink Facial Bar are just a few of the reasons why this is the best treatment for tired, dull skin. The fact that the facial bar is indeed a bar (solid) means that there are no stabilizers or preservatives needed, unlike a wet mask or treatment. Your skin will notice how gentle, calming and soothing the bar is, whether you use it as a full face mask or just a spot treatment. 

This product is for all skin types. If you are feeling like your skin is dry, remove the mask as soon as it is dry to the touch, which will leave the skin bright and hydrated. Or if you are feeling oily leave the mask for a few minutes longer to help remove excess sebum oils, giving you the silky skin of your dreams. 

Sometimes simpler is better and that is our goal with Loveclay Australia. We have worked hard to be zero waste, clean and natural. The facial bar only has two ingredients! White Kaolin Clay and Australian Reef Red Clay. Thats it!